Daily Noise: Marhoth – Mgła nad bagnami (Oak and Eagle week / Dąb i Orzeł tydzień)

With the tape release of SACRILEGIUM’s album Wicher on Todestrieb and Night Birds, we dedicate this week to Polish bands that, like SACRILEGIUM, once gathered under the banner of Dąb i Orzeł (Oak & Eagle).

An excellent, epic song from the second demo and split with NORTH and GROM. This is a great atmospheric work and includes Thoarinus of SACRILEGIUM on drums. Early parts have a pace & vocal reminiscent of URFAUST, but the songs grows into something else. Massive atmosphere.
The band formed in the early nineties, released two demos in 95-96 and this split in 1998.

Dąb i Orzeł / Oak and Eagle