Daily Noise: North – In the Circle of the Kings (Oak and Eagle week / Dąb i Orzeł tydzień)

With the tape release of SACRILEGIUM’s album Wicher on Todestrieb and Night Birds, we dedicate this week to Polish bands that, like SACRILEGIUM, once gathered under the banner of Dąb i Orzeł (Oak & Eagle).

Concluding this week with NORTH’s debut album Thorns on the Black Rose. Raw pagan black (war) metal; and on this track creeping guitar leads – the unique sound probably the result of recording equipment, but it adds an extra, strange atmosphere to the whole song!
NORTH are still producing albums, the most recent in 2011. They also played some concerts earlier this year.

Hails eternal to the Polish cults!

Dąb i Orzeł / Oak and Eagle