You stood me a smoke yesterday… Farewell to Hateful Abandon

To be involved was an honour. Given meaning by toil!

HATEFUL ABANDON have departed Todestrieb and will continue their mission elsewhere — more frequently and more publicly. Endtime congregations will be gathering soon! Touring worldwide. Gather supplies, await your destination.

HA have been and will always be intrinsic to Todestrieb – a foundational part of the label. This will never be forgotten and I’ll continue posting occasional news, but for future release and tour news follow their facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who supported our HA releases – ordering the albums and demos, trading with us, spreading the word, reviewing, carrying interviews!!! I know the band had a big impact for many people; if you discovered them through TTR then we did something right!

Putting together the L/B design was a perfect conclusion. Regards to V/M&SWINE–stay sharp out there!

The ten year conspiracy:


 The dead decide my fate


 Symbols drawn in shifting sand


The path to the future is paved with guilt