Daily Noise: Motordamn – Over the Top (Motorhead & The Damned – Touring in November)

There’s always been a lot of MOTORHEAD in SALUTE, but Lemmy’s delivery in this echoes through Swine on something like 2 bit Punk.

You know it’s the truth, the lyrics – the proof

Over the Top is a perfect drunken shambles and one of two songs recorded by MOTORDAMN – a short collaboration between MOTORHEAD and THE DAMNED members in ’79. Algy Ward (who would form TANK in about a year) was part of THE DAMNED at the time. The songs were never properly released until various comps/boxsets years later.

The MOTORDAMN project was doomed from the start, Motorhead and The Damned in the same studio!!!!!!! Eddie & Philthy were more interested in shagging some bird on the pool table upstairs, we recorded Over the Top and Ballroom Blitz together in some form or another, we also recorded the backing track of Anti Pope there at the Workhouse studio (Manfred Mann’s old gaff) bet he was impressed…
— Algy Ward interview

MOTORHEAD and THE DAMNED are playing a few dates together in early November.