Daily Noise: Toil – Moth with Fractured Wings

Official video for the opening song on TOIL‘s mini-CD Lullabies for Insects. The MCD followed their two Meurtre Noir demos released in the mid-2000’s. Always an interesting band, on Lullabies they explored post-punk further than before – including a CURE cover.
Lurker plays all instruments in TOIL but contributed drums to many other bands including VROKLOK, RAW HATRED and SATANIC FUNERAL. Virginian label (also where TOIL are based) Rusty Axe released Lullabies in 2009.

Filmed by Voices Drowned by Helvetica. As with the CD’s memorable and colourful booklet, the video uses close ups of various insects: a millipede, daddy longlegs, cicada, and cicada killer wasp.


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