Daily Noise: Crom Dubh – Kings II (Live – UK Black Celtic Metal)

Epic Black Metal based in London.

I’ve been fortunate to hear CROM DUBH’s debut album for a while now, and this live recording from earlier in the year gives an indication of what’s to come…

Heimweh, likely to be released later this year, is a huge album! A triumph for the band. CROM DUBH have been building their sound over 10 years but the concept really began to crystallise on Defir in 2009 – atmospheric, epic black metal with almost professorial appreciation of history and culture.

I wanted Defir to be a record I could listen to at the top of a hillfort in Derbyshire or Wales, or looking down over the still-standing colonnades of a city built under Augustan Rome, that would tell me the same story regardless of location.

However, none of the past releases really prepare you for Heimweh. When the opening song Cutting Teeth tears into it’s leading riff, you’ll realise how special this record is. It continues to impress. Six songs, three interludes. The title song – my highlight. Studio production has improved the sound dramatically, giving drums a new clarity and power, and the lead-guitar[s] independence.
Influences do include ASH BORER, PRIMORDIAL and DRUDKH – you will hear it in the intelligent integration of song melody, history and lore… you may also hear some DESASTER – the mix of black and thrash metal with brutality and killer riffs!
Sound is clearer, but they hold on to a rawness with the guitar and bass tones. Matching the breath of the sound, the concept of the album is generational – a narrative of human life-to-death, metaphorically the life cycle of a nation. The power, the scope of this album stretches to the horizon.

CROM DUBH’s next gig is: 15 November at The Black Heart, Camden (London)