Daily Noise: Cristalys – Gallus Malleus

Taken from their début album Suréminence – released in 2009.
Epic heathen metal, honouring the lost, forgotten ancestry and history. Black & Pagan/Heavy Metal with fairly prominent keys, and always strong atmosphere. Brilliant and unexpected shifts in this song…

Herstal !
Ta francisque marque nos lendemains
Frappant tel un marteau surhumain
Pulvérisant la razzia d’une lune malsaine
Battons nous pour ce grand Domaine!

Unrelated to the music, but demonstrating their approach – every CRISTALYS release has been funded and released by the band on their own label. Each copy we offer in the distro was ordered directly from the band. They have some new merchandise for the latest album, In Hoc Signo Vinces, we’ll try to get some soon but you can also order from the band.

Pour l’unité du sang, pour la loyauté de nos ancêtres. Francs, fidélité!