Daily Noise: Apocalyptic Theatre Episode 666

Parts 2 & 3 below.

I believe a US local cable-access show from 2008. This post is related to Der Wehrwolf fanzine. The fourth issue is a collaboration with Mourning the Ancient and includes a CD with music from an indie film shot by MtA. This episode of Apocalyptic Theatre includes clips from the Mourning the Ancient video. Until the zine CD this was the only way to hear music made for the film. Includes tracks by members of THY PRIMORDIAL, BELTANE, ABIGOR (two songs), THEATRES DES VAMPIRES, and THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK.

Apocalyptic Theatre played a collection of videos. This episode includes BELPHEGOR, MAYHEM, CHRISTIAN DEATH and BOYD RICE.
Special note for the StrataNael flyer! Promoting their London IMPIETY gig in September, 2008.