Metal Forces Review Ghast – Yes, The Old UK Print Magazine!

Neil at Metal Forces has reviewed the new GHAST album:

With Dread Doom Ruin, Ghast have hit the proverbial nail on the head in describing their sound, because it’s one that is very much steeped in black metal lore with those scathing, chords of dread which evoke images of remote, stark ruin and primal landscapes. But above this littered debris is a smog of doom-laden quality that worms its way through the sound like a strong, formidable and very much shadowy presence.
Neil Arnold 8/10

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Metal Forces are doing doing good work adding their archive of reviews and features, going back to their earliest issues – 83/84! Here are a few highlights:

Avenger interview 1986
Bathory interview 1987
Death interview 1987
Destruction interview 1985 (No, we don’t like to be called black metal, that’s why we changed our original name Knight Of Demon. Okay, we have some lyrics in the black metal direction, but that doesn’t matter. Exodus for example, also have some Satanical lyrics, but you can’t say that they’re a black metal band. I think it depends more on the music if you’re a black metal band or not, not the lyrics. Anyway, the subjects we write about now in our newer material are things like euthanasia and death wishes, not Satanism. If you’re gonna label Destruction’s music, then call us a speed metal band.)
Diamond Head interview 1983
Exciter interview 1984
Exodus interview 1985
Mercyful Fate interview 1983
Possessed interview 1986
Razor interview 1985
Tysondog interview 1985
Venom interview 1984 (I don’t think there are any similarities musically between Venom and Bathory at all. But I do think Black Metal (1982) – which I heard for the first time three months after we formed Bathory – is one of the best albums ever made because it has genuine feeling. At that time there was no speed or thrash around, so Venom were very unique, even though they wimped out later on and spoiled the whole thing. I mean, At War With Satan (1984) and Possessed (1985) are shit compared to Black Metal.)


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