Daily Noise encore: Hawaii – Living in Sin

Related: Vixen – Living in Sin (which is, personally speaking, the superior of the two versions)

Denim, spikes, chains and leather! We are Living in Sin!

Metal Forces (in their new incarnation) posted a GHAST review recently. Their first issue (’83) had an interview with HAWAII – a band formed in 1983 by two members of (not that) VIXEN: Jeff Graves and Marty Friedman (later of MEGADETH).

HAWAII’s 1983 debut, One Nation Underground, opens with Living in Sin. A killer song – speed metal / strong NWOBHM influence!

You may remember that a couple of years ago the band released an album, One Nation Underground, on Shrapnel Records with an appalling cover, but containing some good songs. Never a classic record, but still a good pointer for the future.

Metal Forces interview from 1985