Farewell Clive Jones: 1949-2014 (Black Widow – Sacrifice – Full Performance 1970)

Deep underground where no light dared to come, beneath my pyramid,
I stood in Hell, a mortal man, between Belial and Satan,
And still before my audience entranced with stark, cold fear,
I cured or struck with sickness, death, or made insane my foes.

BLACK WIDOW founding member, flautist and saxophonist Clive Jones passed away on Thursday (16 October, 2014) aged 65.

As part of Leicester’s BLACK WIDOW during the late 60’s/early 70’s, Clive helped write and perform their legendary Occult Rock. One of the first bands (with BLACK SABBATH) to embrace occultism, paganism, Satanism in their lyrics and music. They were often lumped together with BLACK SABBATH by writers. In reality, while there were connections, their music came from psychedelic, progressive rock and folk rather than strictly blues. JETHRO TULL has been a better comparison.

Black Widow - Geoff and Clive

The occultism in their work was not purely theatrical, they had a relationship with Wiccan high priest Alex Sanders and took care with the authenticity of their lyrics. The obsession with black magic began to dull in later albums, against the wishes of Clive and some others in the band. However from those important first albums, and notorious live performances, the influence ran through early metal – BLACK WIDOW’s legacy can certainly be drawn through VENOM to Black Metal.

Listen to their seminal works to hear Clive’s integral role musically. He co-wrote some songs (including one of their most famous, Come to the Sabbat) and helped craft a sound that is still memorable and influential — indeed a resurgence has occurred over the past few years.

Events like this usually lead to new listeners, so if you have not heard BLACK WIDOW before start with their 1970 LP Sacrifice!

Clive later formed the bizarre and brilliant AGONY BAG – a NWOBHM/Punk/New Wave hybrid!

He’ll remain an important figure in English musical history, so long Clive!

In ancient days in other lives, long past, but not forgotten,
I’ve known the power of mind and flesh, to have my will obeyed.