Daily Noise: Remmirath – Tiger of the City (3 Songs from Forthcoming Album)


The world holds nothing we could pity
Toss it down and rebuild

These songs are taken from their forthcoming album. Take note! — the band are looking for interested labels.

Their début album is held in high esteem here. It’s not perfect – at times it goes ‘too far’ – but their creative and adventurous approach matched with their skill made for one great album and several killer songs! That was six years ago, and their next release is almost ready…

REMMIRATH began in Bratislava as a purely Black Metal band – HELCARAXE. They released Smrt Putnikova in 2005 (an atmospheric black metal demo) then Polis Rouge on Ravenheart in 2008.

REMMIRATH take their music far, far beyond the typical boundaries. This is not simply co-opting some riffs from another genre; their whole approach is detached from normal genre limitations.
These three songs are not really black metal, but that is often at the root. Everything is experimented with and distorted to such a degree, what can it be called? Lyrics deal with popular culture, Eastern mysticism (in Fox Cooper they are explicitly interwoven), Lovecraft, conspiracies and occultism. Other musical influences include experimental and psychedelic 70’s rock (look for that most obviously on The Gunfighter’s Quest for Enlightenment) and experimental music in general – John Cage has been mentioned at least once.

Their music is honest and sure of itself. As listeners it is our task to decipher, and you will probably find yourself accepting and rejecting aspects throughout a song. A wildly varied assortment of influences and techniques. When it works for you, it’s a truly memorable experience!
I cannot follow every move, when you involve so much it’s no surprise; but there is no doubt – these are real masters!

REMMIRATH performing an early version of Tiger of the City 3 years ago! —