Daily Noise: Killing Joke – Flock the BSide (Local Punk Station Starts Saturday)

The cover shows the JOKE’sHA” EP – but this song was only included on later CD reissues. It was originally the Birds of a Feather b-side. It’s a very similar song to Birds of a Father, slightly stripped down, the chorus lead is dark and creepy like early HATEFUL ABANDON…

We feel so good as we flock together
So much in common
We all gather gather gather…

Today’s pick ties into a mention for a new internet radio station, Rebel Radio. Created by nearby KILLING JOKE fan and a punk from the days of Choosey Susie. Just! You can read more about the station on their website (includes the live stream), the début show will air this Saturday at 8pm-12midnight. Once a week now, plans to extend to once a day next year.

Music played will be primarily punk. Posters for THE SLITS, ALTERNATIVE TV and X-RAY SPEX adorn the studio wall, so you know most will be of a good vintage! HATEFUL ABANDON may show up one week too. Music finds its way.