Dreadlords Reveal New Video and Full Album Stream

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It must-a be that old evil spirit,
so deep down in the ground

Featuring current members of T.O.M.B. (No One), Panther Modern and Skulsyr (Samantha Viola), DREADLORDS bring a new ritualistic take on American roots music. Unholy swampy raw-blues. Cult Nation called it “a modern update on age-old delta blues tropes and apocalyptic gospel instilled with the fervor and mangy menace of heavy metal”.

The direction is a dark, back woods/swamp, occult-fueled folk style, inspirited by Southern American Baptists beliefs and religious traditions. Instead of forcing demons away, the music poses a “reverse exorcism” drawing in demonic forces and malevolent energies. Along with folk, we are very influenced by Delta Blues and early, extreme Norwegian Black Metal.
– No One, 2014

DREADLORDS release Death Angel on December 8th.


The three DREADLORDS members can also be heard on T.O.M.B. III performing live earlier this year.

To be released on Not Just Religious Music, 8 December 2014.

The history of American guitar music is tied to the history of the devil. In the South, it used to be customary to assume that if you played blues on guitar, then you had sold your soul to the devil. The origin of such a myth is hard to determine. It could be coming to us from voodoo dances in Louisiana or haunting ring shout rituals on plantations, but most likely it comes from the fame of one Robert Johnson. Legend has it he sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads in order to learn how to play guitar. He even died young. But he truth of the matter is that he learned to play guitar at night in cemeteries with a friend. He intentionally cultivated a dark persona using pact with the devil myths that other blues artists in his area were already spreading. And it worked. His story lived on to inspire and obsess people like Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, and many others. One could go so far as to say that there would be no metal without him. Anyway, the history lesson ends here.
The point is that there is something demonic about the music of the blues and this is something that Dreadlords wishes to explore. All of the songs were written and practiced in graveyards at night. All of the songs have lyrics about murder and insanity. All of the songs were made by individuals involved in or related to the practice of magic. All of the songs were recorded using a banjo with a pickup. All of the songs feature elements against popular culture by using black metal and noise. All of the songs were conceived during periods of extreme personal turmoil, existential angst, and sadness, i.e., the blues.