DN: 19 Years Today: VOIVOD – Negatron (Insect music video)

From a 1996 interview with drummer Away on Koffin webzine:

I believe that if there’s some total control going on, it will be with brainwashing. No violence. More subtle. It’s become more possible with Virtual Reality or even dope. Like ‘ecstasy’ and those so-called ‘peace’ drugs. “1984” and the movie “Blade Runner” have been very influential. The ‘New World Order’ didn’t really start twenty years ago. It goes back thousands of years. I have a feeling that it’s been prepared for a very long time. I feel that we’re getting close, maybe in the year 2000…

KOFFIN: Is that what “Insect” [first video from the ‘Negatron” CD-K] is about?

Sort of. Negatron is about the Conspiracy theory. “Insect” is the mind manipulation part of it. “Bio-Tv” is another aspect of it. The same with “Project X”, and “Cosmic Conspiracy”. They’re all part of it.

Yeah, we have a list of 20 or so channels that we sent the Video for “Insect” to. It was turned down by MTV…

After watching “MTV Spring Break”, I can understand why they don’t play our videos anymore. I don’t mind actually…


There is a version without MTV logos but lower quality here.