DN: 11 Years Today: ROOT – Madness of the Graves

BIG BOSS speaks:

The album is coming out in these days and the title is “Madness Of The
Graves”. It’s been produced by ourselves, as usually. Let people (as well as
you) to measure how we’ve developed on that new album. We regard this album
as our the hardest and morbidest album in ROOT‘s career. It’s been first
time when we used a 7 strings guitars.

Hell Symphony also contains a very original song Satan, where only you &
the drummer are involved. Who was the author of this song?

I’m the author of this song. The drums were recorded by Me only. By the way,
there are recorded some guitars too but it’s sampled in an industrial sound
and just in a few moments. The similar composition is involved also on a new
album “Madness Of The Graves” but it’s more brutal and technically
excellent. I think you’ll like it.