Out Monday! BELLICISTE – Sceadugenga (New Zealand Black Metal, Todestrieb Records)


Vicious, misanthropic Black Metal!! Exaltation of the Death Cult.

The début BELLICISTE album is a perfected assault of poisonous Black Metal with the lawless energy of a first work, rawness and blunt strike of punk, nostalgic heavy metal riffs and rotten solos!

Visions of total winter… black sun, barren earth. Carcass strewn wastelands. Folkloric spirits of the natives invoked to cloak aggressors in merciless battle. Solitary depravity. Cleave the bone to build the throne!

Bestial brutality, savagery, nihilism and native mythology. Devoted to morbid death and sinister spirits. Belligerent Black Metal!!

BELLICISTE (from the French: Warmonger) released the début self-titled demo in 2012 on Dutch underground label Wolfsvuur. Sceadugenga is the first album, released 15 December 2014 on Todestrieb Records.

BELLICISTE is Krigeist.

We strive to spread this poison far within the underground, so past and new trade partners should get in contact!


…speaking personally, there was a moment at the turn of the millennium when a few select groups cut through everything else happening at the time and stripped back this music to its core. I have this same feeling with BELLICISTE… true black metal, original and powerful — it’s a venom that attacks and corrodes and bleeds through every vein…