DN: 25 Years Today: PESTILENCE – Comsuming Impulse

Classic Death Metal from the Netherlands. An essential part of the best year in death metal!

Horrifying skin eruptions
With protruded eyes they see
How facial features are rotting away
Mutilating endlessly
Trapped, separated from humanity
Epidemic, fatal destiny
A foul odor from gangrenous parts
Incurable sick they’ll be

PESTILENCE interview excerpt from ’87:

D.O.D. (Decibel of Death zine, France): What do you think of hardcore bands?
Patrick: I love them. They are, and now from the music and show part far more aggressive. I listen alot to hardcore bands like CRUMBSUCKERS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, D.R.I. etc..
D.O.D.: What’s your influences?
Patrick: Well that’s not difficult I think SLAYER, DEATH, POSSESSED & INFERNAL MAJESTY (only a bit the last one).