DN: 20 Years Ago Today: DØDHEIMSGARD – Kronet til konge


Norwegian Black Metal 1995


1994 and recruiting Fenriz:

I don’t quite remember really. I think it was due to the company we shared at the ELM STREET ROCK CAFÉ (which was every BM person’s place of gathering back then), where he was a part of the conversatons Yusaf and I had about the band. Whether we asked him or he more or less fell into the role by nature, I really can’t say for sure. It’s beginning to be a long time ago. But I do however remember well our rehearsals. Fenriz seemed to enjoy playing bass alot.
We were rehearsing in a VERY small room, with no air conditioning, and I remember how Yusaf and I stripped down to our underwears each time we rehearsed during the summer season. And how all the guys next door, which were people from Satyricon, Demonic and all others, got displayed a setting they seemed not to understand (laughs). It was quite a laugh! We did function well as a band the three of us. Though Fenriz left the band for personal issues, which I know nothing about.

Aldrahn on writing Kronet til konge:

Okay, I would have to say that Kronet Til Konge and DØDHEIMSGARD were very much MY devotion, and I composed about 80% of that album, along with writing all the lyrics and performing them. Gradually Yusaf became more and more involved.

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