Macabre Omen Returns! New Album Samples: Gods of War – At War


…and to all Hellas will I publish a glorious fame of thee; yea, we are ready now to pay thee a swift recompense in war…

MACABRE OMEN has just released a new album, ten years after The Ancient Returns! Gods of War – At War continues the epic sound first heard over twenty years ago and perfected on The Ancient Returns. Iconic Hellenic Black Metal with some influence from ROTTING CHRIST, BURZUM, VARATHRON. Killer guitars, barbaric howls, epic choruses; all steeped in history, mythology and Rhodian culture.

MACABRE OMEN only deliver when a work is complete – listening, it’s clear that has always been a deliberate decision – these albums are building a personal legacy, honouring those lost, and paying respect to (in one song atoning for) the past. We’ve all had to wait another decade; but with this project, patience is always rewarded!

Hear the title-song above. We will have CD copies in the distro very soon!

For to the descendants of Ἡρακλῆς belongs dominion over sea and land…

All my life, I have been sailing through the seven seas,
trying to discover, eager to find the Utopian Me.
And when the ship completes full circle,
docking will be at the harbour of the Colossus,
where the journey begins.