REMMIRATH Album Preview #1: By his strong will, Homen caused the earth to tremble…

…and during the night, Mu, the country of the hills of mud, was submerged…

Atomic skeletons resting beneath Gobi
Menstrual blood in the test tubes of R’lyeh
In roerichoblavatskian mountains
World carousel stops for a while
Rampa, Charroux, Lovecraft, Icke
Channelling the Green Ray
Remember the time
When giants walked the Pure Land

“…this song takes the listener deep down the rabbit hole of Eastern mysticism, bizarre conspiracy theories and also confused Western New Age beliefs.”

REMMIRATH’s second album Shambhala Vril Saucers will be released Saturday, 14th March on Todestrieb Records & Kristallblut Records.