Record of the Week: DRUDKH – A Furrow Cut Short (Review)

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To be a Soviet citizen means to be a slave. I am not fit for such a role. The more I am tortured and abused the greater is my resistance to my slavery and to the system of abuse of a man and his elementary rights.
– Vasyl Stus

A DRUDKH album musically continuing it’s lineage from Eternal Turn of the Wheel, with an emotional attachment, clear and distinct, to the present. Powerful as ever: arrangement, production and performance! Layering, depth, melody and aggression. Guitars again carve great monuments with gradual progressions (a prog- moment too); drums show impressive variety amidst a solid, driving force. This album eliminates virtually any leading intros and non-musical elements, every second is advancing with urgency. An iron focus and absolute belief. Unbroken momentum with frequent eruptions of grandeur as few others can achieve. Having themes and lyrics derived from dissident poets, the connection to the past two years is clear. Songs of loss and anger, reminiscence and a new clarity. Songs of strength and resistance!