Record of the Week: AUTARCIE – Époque Révolue (Review)

Record of the Week

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Seek out the Black Ivory Tower article “Liberté, Fraternité, AOC”. Highly recommended for putting Époque révolue into a regional and cultural context. Similarities can be drawn, musically at least, to MUTIILATION and PESTE NOIRE (including a sense of nationale identität). Riffs are ugly and twisted, emphasised by the raw production. From the acoustic ouverture into guitar collages of ascending leads, this album opens extremely strongly! But the stand-out, most surprising, has to be the title track. Malformed ‘pretty’ riffs, not out of place in the world of 80’/90’s alt rock. But made their own, with a sense of melancholy, never shallow melody. The Comtois stream may not remove all dirt. AUTARCIE are a recent part of the long history of great French black metal. Which, in recent years, has been equal to the greats of the past. The comparisons before are obvious and partial, but use them as motivation to explore further. Ugly/Beautiful music crawling out of bone littered 17th Century soil.