Record of the Week: MACABRE OMEN – Gods of War – At War (Review)

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I shall want to proclaim my message for them, the widely powerful race of Heracles, and tell correctly from the beginning, from Tlepolemus, the story that concerns all.

Quickly, justly, gaining a reputation as one of the best album of this year. For some of this decade!
A glorious return after many years in the shadows. No less involved supporting underground music it should be known! Preparing, planning for this moment. A patient approach which usually leads to inflated expectations. If this was even considered, it had no impact. And the record excels all hopes. Gods of War arrives as fresh and dramatic as anything MACABRE OMEN has recorded.
Within seconds the recording makes clear Alexandros is the singular force behind MACABRE OMEN. With all supporting players replaced, Gods of War is still a seamless continuation of the atmosphere and ideas presented on The Ancient Returns. MACABRE OMEN has lost none of its impact over the past ten years.
A colossal album, a new peak for the band. Surely all that needs to be said. If not, expect epic Hellas-imbued Black/Pagan Metal with a musical connections running through BATHORY, ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, GRAVELAND.