Record of the Week: FUNERAL BITCH – The Demos (Review)

Record of the Week

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Furious attack of early death metal! Alive long enough to record two brief demos, FUNERAL BITCH played death/thrash via hardcore without the usual NWOBHM influence. A maelstrom of blastbeats and down tuned power chords. A sound close to REPULSION and SLAUGHTER, NAPALM DEATH and thrashing punks like early-D.R.I.. REPULSION is the best comparison – unrelenting speed and the same amazing forceful, physical blastbeats.
Another great band with Paul Speckmann in command. Recorded somewhere between DEATH STRIKE’s Fuckin’ Death demo and MASTER-proper of 1990. Some of these songs were re-recorded for the first MASTER album. That self-titled LP is a classic, no doubt, and way more influential than these demos… but do not discount these supreme blasts of violence and energy as “early MASTER”. They are significantly different, and if you appreciate the faster REPULSION death metal origins this collection is essential!