Record of the Week: THEOLOGIAN – Some Things Have to be Endured (Review)

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…and that’s what makes the pleasure so sweet.

Industrial music summoned from human emotions. Inspired by Barker’s Hellbound Heart and the Faustian legend.
Heavy and oppressive noise, darkwave and ambient are also elements within the album. Eight individual songs, each unique. Each a new voice – musically and literally. There is a whole, and it lies in the atmosphere and quality of production. The quality is high, peaking on the THEOLOGIAN / Nikki Telladictorian (PROMETHEUS BURNING) / Rachel Maloney (TONIKOM) life/death cycle song Writhing Corpus Landscape. A celestial crest of synthesizer ambience with darting metallic shards and subterranean pulsating rhythm. All presented with an exquisite clarity of sound design.
Some Things Have to be Endured spans genres and internally shifts focus from oppressive to majestic, often marrying them. You will find highlights, but the quality is entirely consistent throughout the numerous collaborators.
The Genesis is complete.