Record of the Week: INFERNUM – …Taur-Nu-Fuin… (Review)

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Everything in this world should be ruled by the ancient laws of nature. It’s a light in the Chaos of the Universe, it’s a fire burning deep inside of me that gives me the right and power to hate subhumans, it gives me the vital strength of a warrior. – Anextiomarus

Ten years after this album released Anextiomarus was dead and a confusing duel of releases and reformations followed. For all the splinters after his death, the true legacy of INFERNUM lives eternally in …Taur-Nu-Fuin…. A masterpiece of atmospheric Polish Black Metal (BEHEMOTH, GRAVELAND, VELES) and the first release on Astral Wings, which would become home to NORTH, PERUNWIT and ARKONA in the coming years. Cold, mysterious, barbarous black metal featuring every member of GRAVELAND at the time. With Anextiomarus’s songwriting, guitars and vocals the songs remain distinct from Carpathian Wolves-era GRAVELAND, although this is still the simplest and best comparison! Transcendent, grim black metal with thick layers of Darken keys and bitter, wretched vocals. Production is raw, keys drown guitar, drums are distant; but this barrier between us and them only enhances the mystery. Music outside the realm of humanity (or more appropriately, above.)

Our aim is to raise the storm amongst the silence, to destroy the Old and start the New Order. – Anextiomarus