Record of the Week: DARKNESS – Death Squad (Review)

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Classic Teutonic Thrash. Not as well remembered as their peers due to reckless youth, bad luck and an ultimately unsupportive record company.
DARKNESS existed perfectly within the German thrash scene of the early to mid eighties. SODOM, DESTRUCTION and KREATOR. They practised at the same place as KREATOR and do not stray far from the now well-established “German” hard, fast speed/thrash metal sound. Take a look at the original back sleeve for other influences (D.R.I., M.D.C., MOTORHEAD and VOIVOD). SLAYER and RAZOR too, surely. DARKNESS, whose first demo arrived in ’85, are original thrashers and an almost perfect union of the German scene, Bay Area thrash and the original, root, hardcore influence. Fast, tightly played and aggressive thrash metal. They do not take any element to an extreme in the way others did, so consider this a killer “solid” thrash record.
Indicative of their time musically and lyrically (“Nagazaki, Hiroshima. Why didn’t they learn?“) this remains highly recommended. For thrash maniacs, especially those caught up with revival bands who may have missed some of the lesser known originals… essential!