C.M.F.T. Productions CD Reissues – East Anglia Metal Label 1988-1990

Mosh Tunage (sister label of Boss Tunage) continue to unearth interesting and often forgotten UK punk and metal recordings with a series of C.M.F.T. licensed reissues.

These four albums were either LP-only until now or never released:

Moral Crusade – An Act of Violence (released by C.M.F.T. on vinyl in 1990)
Pendemia – Narcotic Religion (released by C.M.F.T. on vinyl in 1990)
Xyster – In Good Faith (released by C.M.F.T. on vinyl in 1989)
Snyper – Manifestations (this was never released because C.M.F.T. folded before it was pressed, and the band split up)

C.M.F.T. Productions was based in a town just down the road from us – Bury St. Edmunds. Between 1988 and 1990 they released several LPs, and a couple of CDs and tapes. The majority of their releases were UK and European thrash, but for one of the their releases they found a true gem… TIAMAT‘s debut Sumerian Cry! A masterpiece album!!!

After the recording, “Sumerian Cry” got released by CMFT, a record company in England. The album barely got any attention when it was released. I think CMFT was already as good as bankrupt when the album came out. We never did any promotion for it, I can’t remember that we even did a single interview for it or that even a single ad was placed in a magazine for it. ENTOMBED and CARNAGE were much more lucky because their record company really stood behind them.
– Jörgen “Juck” Thullberg (Voices from the Darkside webzine)

Aside from the four reissues, TIAMAT and BRUTAL OBSCENITY’s “It’s Because of the Birds and the Flowers” (which had a CD release in 89) the only other C.M.F.T. releases are a MYSTIC FORCE demo collection, UK Thrash Assault compilation (89) and the first releases on the label – two SNYPER demo tapes.

You can read a label feature on C.M.F.T. in Snakepit issue 21.