Record of the Week: Ohtar – When I Cut the Throat (Review)

Record of the Week

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An excellent first album by OHTAR.
Both members (former vocalist Raborym left to focus on DARK FURY) were also recording as SELBSTMORD during the same period. Where SELBSTMORD is raw and vicious, OHTAR is dense, burdened and melancholic. That weight comes from its strong and prominent bass and a deeper, cleaner production.
Introverted lyrics – dark and angry, nihilistic. Tormented and isolated, a smoldering misanthropy. Not the same violent visions of destruction and reclamation you find with SELBSTMORD.
A dark and heavy atmosphere is present throughout, but musically there is great variety within the album. The songs are still aggressive, certainly the wretched vocals – the one clear similarity with SELBSTMORD. Frequently melodic and melancholic, an approach that would continue on future albums with increased technicality. Here not simplistic, just more direct. And then hints of old Poland creep in – distortion removed from the guitar, drums pound a FULLMOON gallop – they are rare but memorable!