ROTW: Adorior – Author of Incest (Review)

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ADORIOR of the 2000s became an unassailable force of late eighties thrash at it’s most extreme (ala DARK ANGEL) as it contorted into early death (ala MORBID ANGEL, ORDER FROM CHAOS) with black metal techniques setting much of the foundation, driven to excess by the relentless hammering of bands like REVENGE and AXIS OF ADVANCE. All held tight with intense songwriting and a strong studio production. Never entirely distant from those bands or those with similar influences like comrades DESTROYER 666, but not at all generic and as an LP stands on it’s own merits entirely as one of the UK’s best!

The whole thing has a personal immediacy at it’s heart. The barbarism is not cloaked in much mystery, the intent is a fist (…of the master!) to your skull: brutal and direct. Crushed. Melissa’s vocals howl and roar through the maelstrom, a centrepiece of the album. The message and delivery is savage and proud. Swords and semen, an orgiastic descent into blasphemy. A killer performance.

A rampage of unrestrained hatred and perversion. There are few records that capture and execute the elation of volatile aggression and blood boiling fury like Author of Incest.