Record of the Week: Regiment – On Les Aura (Review)

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Black/Death Metal summoning the French military experience of the Grande Guerre.

Taking inspiration directly from contemporary artifacts and ephemera, the intention with this record is to produce something more personal and critical than a straightforward glorification of war. The cover and title – of and spoken by Philippe Pétain. Commander during the Battle of Verdun who is also remembered for his treatment of mutinous soldiers hints at some of the paradoxes. These nuances are confined to the lyrics and artwork. The music is never so introspective. To it’s benefit. A barrage of thickly produced black and death metal (in equal measure) and bestial vocals. Powerful and driving. Here are reflections of blood and destruction to be exalted or questioned in the lyrics. There is some influence from heavy metal riffing. La mort du Nègre (inspired at least in part by Conrad’s The Nigger of the Narcissus) displays the influence most potently, similar to ARGHOSLENT‘s blending of death and NWOBHM.

Formed in 2011 by guitarist Hyvermor of HANTERNOZ (Celtic history) and E (Sumerian history) the lineup includes BORGIA vocalist Géraud de Verenhe, AORLHAC bassist Marc, and Thomas Jacquelin who drums with several black and doom bands. Not as barbaric as war metal or so riff heavy and melodic to be instantly memorable, this is black metal with all the above elements performed by an experienced group; a very good 25 minute album.