24 Years Ago: BAPHOMET – The Dead Shall Inherit released on Peaceville

Part of an interview from Isten zine #5 (1990)

All our music is going to be fast and heavy with the same writing style of the 7 inch with the songs having a lot of quick tempo changes. The two tracks on the &” will be on the album but played a little faster, and without any guitar solos, we have decided not to have any.

Bands always progress as time goes on. We are trying to make our new songs a lot better than our old. It is hard to write riffs that don’t sound the same or sound like someone else because there are so many bands out with demos, Ep’s and Lp’s, buit we just keep writing and always like to keep the songs unpredictable, it makes it so that the listener doesn’t get bored. We don’t want to lose the interest of the listener.