30 Years Ago: SABBAT record and release Fragments of a Faith Forgotten

This tape is dedicated to all who have died at the hands of the christian church, by war and inquisition…….. They shall be avenged.

That was the demo cassette that got us the deal with Noise Records. The demos were copied one at a time, my parents had a hi-fi with a twin cassette player on it, and each of the cassettes was hand-copied in real-time recording. If anybody’s got one of those, it was recorded on my parents’ hi-fi. They were recorded on computer tapes – before disc drives, the first computers had a cassette instead of a CD, and we recorded on those tapes, because we had no money, and we had to do it really cheap.

This month marks 30 years since the recording of SABBAT’s second demo. All three songs made it to the classic debut History of a Time to Come almost unchanged, although the vocals here are savage! British Black Metal!