27 Years Ago: PARADISE LOST record Frozen Illusion demo

On this day 27 years ago PARADISE LOST were recording their second demo at LION Studios in Leeds.

Lion was owned by members of GOLD FRANKINCENSE & DISK DRIVE and had a welcoming attitude towards the growing anarcho-punk scene in Leeds and West Yorkshire.
Other bands that recorded their early material at Lion include Doom, Chumbawamba, Passion Killers, Sore Throat, Hellbastard, Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct, Electro Hippies (pre Carcass), The Membranes…

Peaceville’s Hammy was already working with Paradise Lost on this demo. Peaceville would release the debut Lost Paradise album later that same year. The LP was recorded at Academy Studios. Early Peaceville metal releases by Anathema and My Dying Bride were all recorded at Academy.

Lion has an important connection to the label, especially the earlier Peaceville Tapes & distro days. DI’s “Rock n Roll Conformity” and Passion Killers’ “Motion… Yet Motionless” are just a couple of Peaceville releases recorded at the studio.