Record of the Week: Mystifier – Wicca (Brazilian Cult Black Metal on Vinyl and CD) (Review)


MYSTIFIER – Wicca on Vinyl | MYSTIFIER – Wicca on CD (2CD digipak includes original mix and T.E.A.R. 7″ 1990)

Die hard to the underground mercenaries and long live to the true ones. I would like to say that MYSTIFIER plays unholy anti-music exclusively, okay!!
— Beelzebuth, Witchcraft zine #3 1994

Originally released in September 1992, the majority of these songs actually date back to 1991 and some like Cursed Excruciation all the way to the earliest days of MYSTIFIER in 1989.

Wicca is a bestial and dark album! The production, especially for guitars (thin) and drums, is similar to I.N.R.I. The only reason to not consider it great is in comparison to Goetia (1993) which manages to elevate their entire sound and influence many to follow. With several Wicca tracks re-recorded for Goetia, it’s easy to find a preferred recording and vocalist.

The main comparisons are SARCOFAGO, BLASPHEMY, SODOM and BEHERIT. Roots in thrash, HELLHAMMER etc. with the distinctive Brazilian/Cogumelo sound. While the music blasts and solos rip, there are always moments to slow and build atmosphere and soak in the text… MYSTIFIER always felt like a band imparting deep wisdom and knowledge (from An Elizabethan Devil-Worshipper’s Prayer-Book!).

Their music is a mysterious and dense conjuration, blasphemous rites from the shores of Bahia.