30 Years Ago: MORBID ANGEL live in Tampa (Audio, Video and Flyer)

Here are some of the items you could order from the Covenant of Death PO Box in mid/late ’86 (including this gig on tape and video) :

4 advanced LP tracks.....................U.S.$ 5.00
live tape, 5/25/86, 45', soundboard.......     7.00
live video, 4/20/86, 6 trax, w/ close ups.    15.00
live video, 5/25/86, 50', no close ups....    15.00

Taking place around the time they recorded Abominations of Desolation for Goreque Records, the lineup here also includes Mike Browning on vocals/drums.

The set was part of a memorial day weekend festival held at the Rocky Point Beach Resort in Tampa. Other bands that weekend included HELLWITCH, MASSACRE and EXECUTIONER (pre OBITUARY).


The audio recording came from the soundboard, the video sound is from the camera’s microphone (and quite blown out).