WOODS OF INFINITY first and last albums back in stock – Forintelse & Libido and Forlat

The first and last WOODS OF INFINITY albums are now available again. Two essential works from Sweden from a unique and brilliant duo.

Here is our interview from 2005.

Some people seem to have gotten the idea that WoI is a “joke band” – that we’re not being sincere and serious. They couldn’t be more wrong. Our purpose has never been to have a laugh or take a piss with our music. Any human, though, must be blind not to see the comedy, travesty if you will, of our human state. Some things make us laugh, some things make us cry. It’s all a part of being human, and WoI is a reflection of our innermost selves and humanity. Comedy, tragedy and all.
– Mirgilus Siculorum webzine