20 Years Ago: BATHORY releases Blood on Ice – Does the North Star still shine on me?

Released 20 years ago today, but the material dates back further – to the days of BLOOD FIRE DEATH – and could have been the fifth BATHORY album if released in 1989.

Re-recorded/re-worked at Hellhole Studio in June-July 1995 Blood on Ice was finally released on the 27th May, 1996. Original recording sessions were between February-October 1988 and later in June 1989. In August of ’89 Quorthon began recording Hammerheart.

…at the end of the eighties we started working on a project-to be more explicitit was about a conceptual album, the actual “Blood In Ice” -but in the end we decided that it wasn’t the best thing for Bathory. The making of a conceptual album is a very risky business especially for a band like Bathory, I mean one has to make this album in such a way that it sounds like Bathory so we decided to drop this project and continue recording the usual albums like “Hammerheart” or “Twilight Of The Gods”. Although our fans knew there is another material that could be turned into a new epic album and actually we also thought that we could resume the work to complete this material, to record a few additional parts on the guitar, and to remake it at 40% with the intention of releasing the album as a souvenir for our fans. And so”Blood on ice” was released.
– Quorthon, Heavy Metal Magazine #22, June 1996