24 Years Ago: SEANCE release Fornever Laid to Rest on Black Mark (Swedish Death Metal)

Formed by members of ORCHRISTE (Sin from this album was an old ORCHRISTE song) and TOTAL DEATH in 1990, SEANCE released Fornever Laid to Rest on this day in 1992. …Laid to Rest was the debut album, recorded and released within a year of their only demo – the extremely successful Levitised Spirit!

…we wanted a “new” sound, different from the typical Swedish sound. The producer, Berno Paulsson, had never done anything like death before; so he had a “fresh mind”, so to speak when we started to mix the album. We’re quite satified with the sound on FOREVER LAID TO REST, but we’ll try to do something completely different on our next album.
When we had finished recording, we didn’t have a cover for the album. Two months later, we still didn’t have a cover; so I got Dan’s [Seagrave] phone number, and he rushed to the rescue. He was a bit rushed when he did the cover, but I think it turned out okay. We’re not planning to use him again; but then again, who knows?
– Exhume zine #4 1993