Tank (NWOBHM Band Promo)

33 Years Ago: TANK release This Means War (NWOBHM)

Ward, Tucker, Brabbs & Brabbs!

This Means War came out on this day in 83, an early Music for Nations release.

KAT’s classic 666 was featured at the end of May. Noce Szatana from that album bears a pretty striking similarity to TANK’s Just like Something from Hell from this album, their third. KAT did record Noce Szatana back in 84, but I think it’s fair to say the boys from London (by way of Surrey, Middlesbrough…) get credit for this one.
Noce Szatana is not a copy though, they took a killer (new wave of) British heavy metal riff and turned it into a dark speed metal blast!

KAT – Noce Szatana (recorded a year or two before the 666 album, released as a b-side to Ostatni Tabor – their first release!)

Album version: