43 Years Ago: PENTAGRAM record Hurricane b/w Earth Flight in Falls Church, VA

Some of the earliest PENTAGRAM material. Recorded at Bias in Falls Church, VA where they had put together a 5-song demo in March. “Released” in 1973 on Boffo Socko, either a very limited or just promotional single.

Some disputed trivia about this song:

PENTAGRAM had rehearsed for KISS in 1975 and were offered a large amount to sell the songs Hurricane and Starlady (this would mean signing over writing credits too…) They didn’t:

I wrote “Hurricane” alone, and I wrote “Starlady” with one of the lead guitar players, Randy Palmer, who was from the early Pentagram years. At the time, it was more up to me because I owned the name Pentagram, and I wrote a majority of the songs. Back then, it was selling out, and I wouldn’t sell out then. I was still a hungry young lion. – Bobby Liebling, 2010