23 Years Ago: MORTIIS completes The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost (First Demo)

MORTIIS “apologizes” the musical mistakes comitted on this recording, 95% was done at one tack. So Fuck off!!

After leaving EMPEROR in December 1992, MORTIIS began recording this debut demo in March. Completed and self-released in June 1993, re-released later that year by Pagan and Witching Hour in Poland, and in 2011 by Kyrck.

MORTIIS was formed December ’92… The original and ONLY member of MORTIIS.
– Petrified zine #2, 1993

About leaving EMPEROR:

I liked to pull strings. And we had very different views upon things as you can clearly see compariing MORTIIS and EMPEROR. We’re not even a bit similar. Also I wrote all the lyrics and was the spokesman in the band. Probably I said & did things they didn’t enjoy. I tended to spread piles of shit to everyone. As well as my temper – it is not always to be trusted!
– Petrified zine #2, 1993