Record of the Week: Dysemblem – Strength of Giants


Dissolve and bring demise…

Formed by Aees after the dissolution of INJEKTING KHAOS, joined by Nuctemeron of EMBRACE OF THORNS. Let that be a signal of their pedigree, not the music.

Aees moves away, not entirely, from IK’s blasting black metal towards death-doom, closer to EMBRACE OF THORNS but not the same claustrophobic atmosphere. The music here is large and often lumbering, the riffs (especially the sustained doom notes) are allowed to breathe with a relatively clean and open production. This could be over-emphasising “doom” though, much of this album is not slow, just slowed to a pace that gives it an added weight matched perfectly by the imagery and title. One influence that emerges on at least a couple of tracks is ‘FROST (specifically CF via Norway) – like the tough thrashing on Hypnopompic.
A confident and varied introduction! (BLACK/)DEATH METAL DOOM.  Strength of Giants is the first major release by DYSEMBLEM.

…chaos descends in a form eerie!


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