20 Years Ago: FLEURETY record Vortex (Last-Minute Lies)

Following the release of Min tid skal komme in 1995 (Misanthropy Records, co-released with Aesthetic Death), FLEURETY began working on new material.

One of the earliest new songs was the killer Vortex. The band sent a demo of Vortex to Misanthropy who refused the release, or as the band put it “our music wasn’t conformist enough for their label” (Qvadrivivm #3, 2000).

FLEURETY vinyl at the distro

They continued to record, at a slightly slower pace, without a definite label. Vortex was recorded in Panser Studio this month in 1996. Two more songs, Facets and I Saw Claws, were recorded between August and September the following year.
Eventually these were compiled onto a four-song (including the outro) MCD, released by Supernal in 1999. By then they had already recorded Department of Apocalyptic Affairs (August ’98) and Supernal would release that album in 2000.

Guest vocals on Vortex are by Ayna Beate Johansen who returned for the Evoco Bestias EP in 2011.