30 Years Ago: CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER live in a Bel Air backyard

UPDATE: The band have corrected me:

Actually this party was after “Convicted” was released. We played so we could get some money to get up north to play 2 shows.Just FYI. (link)

This gig date is correct but my “days before the release…” stuff below is not! Thanks to CS!

Days before their debut LP was released CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER play at a friend’s birthday in Bel Air (the band were from neighbouring Santa Monica).

A lot of people thank that “Convicted” is about not fitting in, as far as punks not fitting into society, and not being normal. Well, it’s not. It’s about a guy who gets out of prison and, you know, society is pretty down on ex-cons. They don’t give them a fair chance. That’s what it is about. I know a few people that get out of jail, and they can’t get any kind of job. As soon as they find out that he is an ex-con, it’s just shit. It’s pretty much a friend of mine that went through that, and blew his head off. He killed himself.
– Bill Crooks, Phoenix Militia zine #7, 1987