45 Years Ago: Aus Hamburg, LUCIFER’S FRIEND mit Ride the Sky (Beat Club)

Beat Club was a music and culture programme produced in Bremen, West Germany during the mid-1960s to early 70s and broadcast on Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen. Each (approx) monthly episode was an hour long and featured live performances, videos/studio dancers and short films/interviews usually focusing on an aspect of youth culture around the world. In this episodes they are in Stockholm talking to kids mostly about hashish and the polis. They also interview American army deserters (during the Vietnam war era hundreds of Americans fled to Sweden, most deserters rather than draft dodgers).
Appearing on this episode (#68) with LUCIFER’S FRIEND was the legend Leslie West and MOUNTAIN, WARHORSE, FRUMPY, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD (Atlanta Pop Festival), BREMER STUDIO-ORCHESTER (an arrangement of Mozart Symphony No. 40) and FLEETWOOD MAC.

The previous episode (22 May 1971) featured an early performance by KRAFTWERK.

As Uschi Nerke says, the next episode would be on 24 July. Tschüss!