23 Years Ago: BLASPHEREION finish recording their ST demo (Belgian Death Metal pre-ENTHRONED)

This day in 1993 was the last of two BLASPHEREION spent in Hautregard Recording Studio, Liège – Belgium.

The three tracks recorded became their self-titled demo. This came after their 1991 LP Rest in Peace (a very early Osmose title).


BLASPHEREION was formed out of MORBID DEATH (86-91). In 1993 Dan Vandeplas (Cernunnos) founded ENTHRONED. One of the first ENTHRONED releases was a split with ANCIENT RITES:

I remember playing several gigs with BLASHEREION, a Death/Grind band from the French speaking part of the land. We even toured France together. Good memories. What happened to them? They changed line up and became ENTHRONED. They even changed instruments, I recall the bass player/vocalist Dan of BLASPHEREION moving to drums and change his name into Cernunnos. Of course to me he remained Dan Vandeplas. I never used artist names not for me, not for the others: Samoth of EMPEROR remained Thomas Haugen, Magus Wampyr Daoloth of NECROMANTIA remained George Zaharopoulos, Necromayhem of ROTTING CHRIST stayed Sakis Tolis and so on. Anyway, Dan was a great guy who always appreciated/respected ANCIENT RITES. A shame he committed suicide.
– Gunther Theys (ANCIENT RITES), Dark Moon #8 2002