25 Years Ago: GRAVE finish recording Into the Grave at Sunlight Studio

HYPOCRITE spent the previous two days recording their first demo Ruler of the Dark, then GRAVE arrived to record their debut LP. The band had moved from Visby, Gotland to Stockholm in January.

Recording took two weeks, beginning on Monday 17th ending Sunday 30th.

…at the beginning when we started do everything wasn’t turning all the good but at the end we got all what we wanted. We’re satisfied with the final result.
…I don’t really know why it took so long to get this record deal, but it’s like we have some offers before. I’ve choosen Century Media finally. Doing LP took us about 3 weeks. There was no really big problems during that time ‘coz producer is a cool guy who know what to do.
– Ola, Metallic Butcher zine #4, 1992