21 Years Ago: ISENGARD release Høstmørke on Moonfog

As I said, we don’t give any interviews and we don’t want to talk about anything, especially the Isengard album which is not an especially interesting piece of music.

Fenriz speaking just over a year prior to Høstmørke. Vinterskugge and Transilvanian Hunger were soon to be released. And after the fallout they were soon to leave Peaceville for Moonfog.

Recording for Høstmørke began in May 1994 at Necrohell Studio, shortly after Panzerfaust was complete.

Yeah, we have the ‘Transilvanian Hunger’ album ready for June, and we have something else which will be half inspired by Celtic Frost, and that will be out in January. And Zephyrous will do most of the song writing on our sixth album called ‘Krieg’ and that will be out within two years. It means ‘war’ in German, you get the drift?
– Fenriz, Terrorizer #7, 1994

Recording finished in March 95 and was released a few months later by Moonfog, on this day in 1995.